Custom Labels & Stickers

Custom Labels & Stickers -

Peel'em and Stick'em

  • Full-color printing on A3+ size paper stickers, matte vinyl stickers, glossy vinyl stickers, or clear transparent vinyl stickers.

  • Upload your own artwork, the creative possibilities are endless. Make stickers for weddings, organization, corporate gifts, product packaging labels, personalized gifts, name tags, food labels, bottle labels, ID labels, return labels, business card stickers, or just for fun. Whatever you’re looking to make!

  • For example, when planning your wedding, make your labels for everything from the wedding invitations, wine labels for the tables, seating charts, to thank you stickers!

  • The vinyl stickers are weather resistant, water-proof, and will stick strong on most surfaces and materials.
1 Quantity = 1 A3+ Sheet Sticker (1 Design File)

    Note: File must be in PNG format. That way we know how we should cut your Custom Stickers / Labels.  Where the area is "Transparent", that's where we'll cut them for you. As simple as that.

    Unit Quantity:
    1 Quantity = 1 A3+ size sheet

    Use our Calculator below to calculate approximate pieces of "Labels & Stickers" obtained per A3+ sheet.

    File Requirements:
    File Type: PNG
    Resolution: 300 DPI

      Sticker Pieces / A3+

      Sticker Dimension:
       Min Length + Width: 5 cm

       Length (cm):

       Width (cm):

      Approximate Pieces / A3+ : 

       Min Length + Width: 5 cm


      (Only PNG accepted)
      Only 1 design accepted (1 whole piece).

      / Piece

      A3+ Sheet(s)
      13.000 / A3+ Sheet
      TOTAL :